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We prepare travelers for visits to all part of the world. During your visit we will discuss recommended vaccines based on your itinerary. Anti-malarial medication is also provided if it is needed.

Travel Clinic is a Certified Yellow Fever Center and will provide the international certificate of vaccination as approved by The World Health Organization.

Vaccines we offer:

-Hepatitis A -Hepatitis B -Twinrix -Typhoid -Yellow Fever -Polio -Tetanus (Td/Tdap) -Varicella

-M.M.R. -Zostavax (Shingles) -Meningococcal -Japanese Encephalitis

-Rabies -Pneumococcal -Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

For vaccines information statements visit:
 Center of Disease Control and Prevention

What makes your experience with us great?

  • You can schedule an appointment with a Board-Certified physician that speciliazes in Tropical Medicine and Travel Health.
  • All in one stop shop for necessary vaccines and travel accessories.
  • Request an appoinment online.


New Patient Forms

Accepting new patients for consultation to patients with infectious diseases as well as consultation on the prevention of exposure to infectious diseases.

- Post travel follow-up care

- Consultations about illness of infectious nature

- Follow-up consultation for inpatients following discharge

- HIV/AIDS management


Medical examinations are needed for adjustment of status cases (Form I-485) and requests for V nonimmigrant status (Form I-539). The medical examination must be conducted by a medical facility who has been designated by USCIS as a civil surgeon.   Dr. Choudhary has been a civil surgeon providing immigration exam since 1999.

Vaccinations: We provide all needed test and vaccinations that are needed to complete the exam. You will be required to provide proof of vaccinations. If you have any records of vaccinations, bring them to your appointment. The doctor will tell you if additional vaccinations are needed.

Chromic Medical Conditions: If you have a chronic medical problem which you feel may impact the exam, bring copies of your medical records to show that you are being treated and that your condition is controlled.

We will complete and sign Form I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, and seal the document in an envelope. This envelope must stay seal and be open only by immigration. Results will be ready 2 to 3 business days.

What to bring to your appointment:

-Identification (passport, driver license, or any picture ID)

-Vaccination record

-Tuberculosis skin test or Chest X-ray (valid only if it is done within one year). If patient has a history of positive PPD and has been treated, please bring records of therapy taken in the past or currently still taking.

 -Medical records if patient has any chronic medical problem showing is being controlled.


STD testing is important because if an infection is left untreated, it can cause organ failure and other health problems. Along with HIV, our STD panel also includes Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C, Chlamydia/Gonorrhea,Herpes simplex virus 1 & 2 and Trichomonas.

Contact us today for details about our medical services.